A Gift of Words, Happy Birthday D!!

Today is my friend D’s birthday and I am dedicating this post especially to him. In our fairly new friendship we share a passion for good writing and reading so here I dedicate some special words to him. Some words describe him, some words praise him and some words wish him. What better gift than the gift of words!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So young yet so wise,
Inspirational yet motivated,
Dedicated and determined,
Mysterious yet transparent,
Excellence as habit!

Wisdom = silence

Simplistically Elegant
Earnestly Delightful
Delicately Kind
Mischievously Mysterious!

Life is full of beauty notice it,
The beauty of your heart shines through your soul,
You were born with goodness and trust,
Reflected through your character,
You were born with potential,
Evident through your achievements,
You have wings, use them and fly,
For you were not meant for crawling!

A new candle of hope on your cake each year,
Its your birthday, may you experience joy,
On your birthday, I wish you delight,
Its your birthday, may you experience tranquillity,
May each minute of each hour of each day be filled with magic,
Its your birthday, may all your desires come true,
Filling your life with surprises in the abundance,
Its your birthday, may your life be star-bright,
And your birthday is full of merriment,
Its your birthday, may the stars gave over you,
Hope your birthday brings all these and more!

To make your birthday a wonderful day,
Wishing you the happiest birthday yet,
May you have an auspicious day and find happiness,
In everything you do,
So much laughter, so many wishes,
A special birthday gift, a gift of words for a wonderful person,
Have a happy birthday!


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