Heavenly Daydream

If you could read my mind

you would realise the way I feel about you.

Moments and seconds of pure adoration,

adoration for you.

Feelings that you have thrown across my heart,

deep-felt wishes to be in your presence.

I long to be with you, hold you,

to feel you close to me.

Your voice soothing away the choking fears,

casting the tones for my daydreams,

dreams about the valleys and meadows of love.

Scattering the essence of the my thoughts,

one soft spoken word, a smile and I am lost,

lost in your world, floating in harmony.

You walked the pathway to my heart,

leaving footprints of engaging emotion.

Brittle footsteps of young love,

an inspiration to daily living.

On the breath of the wind I hear your name,

gently whispered by mother nature,

The care I feel, and the care that

I share for you is true. I trust you know this.

©PurpleMystique 2012



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