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I walk the walk

On this cold winters day

The icy wind rushing through my hair

Tears rolling down my cheeks

I dig my hands deeper in my pockets

Trying to keep out the pain.

Looking around I think, I wonder,

The world around me so calm

Yet my heart and mind are at war.

I hear my foot steps on the ground

I recall your voice in my head.

I shake, I think, from the cold or

from your memory I wonder.

I feel lost yet I know where I am.

Why do I walk the walk in fear?

I ask the trees, I ask the leaves,

I receive no answer

I hold on tight to my memory

Like an insect stuck to a spiders web

I walk the walk

Tears still rolling I try to hold on

I ask myself why my heart won’t let you go

I close my eyes for a second

I see your face I see your aura

Realising how alone I am without you

My skin aches for your touch

My heart for your love

I walked the walk which came to an end

I breathe in the frosty wind

It burns my heart in pain

I look back, nothings changed

I look forward in hope

That you will return.

©PurpleMystique 2012


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