Walking In The Rain

God’s Creation….
Have you ever walked in the rain? I have, in fact I’ve just got in from walking in the rain and I had to share this experience.
Beautiful Rain….

It has been raining the entire day, heavy summer showers pattering on the windows of the training room was forcing me to secretly smile. My mind was diverted away from the trainer onto planning my journey home. Small fireworks of excitement exploding inside me. Finally, I thought the opportunity to get wet in this glorious summer rain! I finished my training session for the day and I stepped outside to a light drizzle of rain which started to become heavier. I plugged in my headphones, turned up my best tunes and started walking. The rain comes down fast, gently soaking through my hair, my coat, my bag and skin. The feeling is exhilarating, joyous and liberating. I am free, my soul is free. The rain hides my tears, it washes away my dirt, it cleans my mind. I receive strange looks from people yet I am beaming with laughter, lighting up with colour. My stride increases, but I am careful not to over step and fall. I feel like I am flying. The world is drowned out by my music and now by the rain, I am almost invisible.


The rain continues to fall even while I travel on the bus. I disembark a stop earlier and walk the rest of the route home. All the while the rain continues to nourish my soul and heal my pain, while hiding my limp. This is heaven on earth, really why would anyone want anything more than this real touch of God? It has rained on me before, the wind has blown at me too and the cold has frozen me too. They have all threatened me all at once too. But I have learnt, I have learnt to sing in the rain, ride with the wind and play with the cold too. They were the hardest conditions I have ever lived through. Now I love these conditions, I love the rain, I enjoy the feeling of it on my face and on my skin. What a wonderful feeling! The rain kisses me, it beats against my head gently blessing me and sings me a lullaby to sooth my anguish. The rain brings with it a renewed scent of the earth, a scent implying a new beginning, a clean start and an opportunity for growth. It cools the air, it cools the earth and it cools my flame of despair. It drive away my hunger for acceptance for now I am gracefully accepted.

Rain Kisses…..

I cry tears of joy resembling the rainbow of peace with a glimmer of hope. Oh do I love the rain so for it quenches my thirst so!

I do hope you enjoy the rain as much as I do!
Best Wishes,
Maahi PM

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