I Knew A Girl Once

I knew a girl once
She was a little different
Yet her dreams, wishes were just as others,it wasn’t much
In the beginning, it was just a listening ear to know her
Beyond the physically differences, inside she’s just the same,
A friend to know her, to speak with her, to brush her hair,
To paint her nails, to play dress up with, to go out with…
Shame, this never really materialized

I knew a girl once
She really was like no other
Young in appearance, an Angel with big eyes
With child like features, innocent
Unaware of the ways of the world, trapped in a web of
Pain and confusion, hurt, humiliation and broken dreams
Who knew school could be this cruel, who knew innocence could be so evil
It was with every drop of tear, with every grazed knee and elbow that her
Own naively conceived dreams washed away her own innocence a shambles
She was alone emotionally, physically distorted vision of herself now, ugly she called herself
The ordeal called school finally ended

I knew a girl once
College girl she was scared from the ordeal of school
She has a new name: weird
Trying to fit in, trying to be accepted
She never revealed her disability
Instead it revealed her, the falls, the inability to run or walk normally
Humiliation now the norm, the sneering, sniggering, the mockery, the laughs, the loneliness.
A soul destroyed, hollow, empty
Hope shattered
A phone call, an illusion stepped towards her
The wrong choice, the first desperate mistake.

I knew a girl once
Her friend different,
Inappropriate, child like yet accepting
Yet her feelings inadequacy seeping through
His words to console her broken spirit
If you think these flowers are beautiful then so are you
These words dispelled, her spirit beyond repair
The end was inevitable

I knew a girl once
A facade, one brave face among many
Internally shattered, confused, hurt, lonesome and oh so naive
Her desperation to fit in, to be equal, to be accepted.
Lured in by evil only to be used, abused, threatened and called upon for currency.
There came a dark day, a day of great loss, great tragedy.
Her spirit once again broken, pain physical and emotional.
All gone in less than 10 minutes.

I knew a girl once
Stronger, wiser, confident, humble and grounded
A wounded soldier, a lone ranger.
Inquisitive, curious and willing to learn.
Her spirit scared, but unbroken topped with a faith and strength of a liberated woman
Freedom to run, free to explore, free to be herself.
With destiny in her reach, an unstoppable passion emerged
A passion to live, a passion to give
She walks ahead, towards the horizon, looking back only with a smile.

I knew a girl once
No longer a girl, but a courageous woman
Whose journey had just began……

Best Wishes,
Maahi PM


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