Living My Life

Why is it that when you have a good heart, you often help too much, trust too much, give too much, expect less than you deserve and yet it always seems that you’re the one who hurts the most? I don’t have an answer to this but what I know is that the struggle I’m in today is developing the strength I may need for tomorrow so I don’t intend to give up, do you? What I have learnt throughout my rollercoaster journey called life is that I must be confident. Too many of my days were wasted comparing myself to others, wishing I was either ‘different’ or the ‘same’ or ‘normal’. My beautiful journey of life so far has taught me that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and it is only when we accept everything, the individual and ourselves as a whole and as we are and are not that we can truly succeed. As I ride this rollercoaster called life, I have the option to scream each time I hit a bump or am turned upside down or throw my hands up in the air and enjoy each and every moment of it. Our life is based upon our perception, therefore it becomes a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, expectations and dreams. We often wish for change and a new beginning but change does not come to us if we wait for a particular individual or a specific time. It is only we that have the power to bring about this change, the change that we search for each day, the change to make our lives more worthwhile, peaceful and satisfying and the change we wish to be. Once we begin our journey of change and we stop in silence, observe all that is around us we can see and feel that life really is amazing. We cannot change what is the truth but we can embrace it and allow this truth to change us. We must learn to love ourselves before we are capable of loving others as when life gives us sweet, adorable moments we must be grateful, thankful and celebrate that moment. The bitter moments of our life will be hard, painful, tearful, lonesome and heartbreaking but we must embrace these moments and be thankful for the opportunity to grow, to learn and look forward to a brighter future. Through my short life, I have come to learn that to be kind and gentle is much more essential than being right. Many a time those around us do not require a brilliant or intelligent mind but an open, non judgemental heart which listens, accepts and supports. What I know is that there is a great deal of freedom that comes my way when I take nothing personally and I refuse to ruin my gift of today by dwelling on a sorrowful yesterday. I don’t wish to go back to less just because my impatience prevents me from waiting for what I truly deserve. I believe that the moment I want to give up is truly the moment right before a miracle so I don’t give up. The moment I experience this miracle, is the moment that takes my breath away and is truly magical. No matter where life takes me I will always remember where I have come from, where my roots have emerged from for it is these roots, experiences and the various people that I am here today, my good time are happy memories which allow to remain optimistic during trying times and times of difficulty. These good memories act as stepping-stones of strength, allowing me to move forward in a positive manner. The bad times become good lessons, teaching me ways to live my life successfully, productively, humbly and with passion and compassion.

How do you live your life?

Best Wishes,
Maahi PM


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