When the pain hits you, there is no noise, not an uttering of words, nor a movement of time. The pain just comes, silently to claim its position in our lives. It destroys all senses, all logic, all reasoning. The pain embraces your life through deep penetration, leaving its mark forever more. Its venom turning to blood and flowing through your heart, poisoning all glimmer of hope. This pain exists in us all, some hide it well, some live with it, some live in it, allowing it to become a burning flame. This pain then becoming a segment of our individuality. It brings with it one power, the power to destroy all in its path, a dissolved marriage, a broken friendship, a broken being. There is no escaping it, it lives within us, feeding away at our strength to connect again. The antidote to pain in sight but unobtainable. The power of pain to destroy the foundation of trust is phenomenal, forcing us to re-evaluate all that we desire, all that is good. It hurts, but is invisible to the naked eye. It provides no peace, it blocks the channels of love. This pain, oh this powerful, hostile pain eats a person alive, leaving behind a corpse called a human. This is the power of pain and its venom hurts. It teases and tortures us, encouraging us to embrace the desire, the hunger of love only to be masked by fear and yet more pain. This pain then becomes a norm, leaving us to expect nothing less, yet each injection of pain has a new level in strength, bringing with it a new-found level of hurt, often beyond repair to be added to the remaining pile. The eerie silence surrounding pain is deafening, filling each room with its presence, laughing at our every heart beat, haunting our very presence and numbing our every emotion. A drop of water falls from the eyes, also known as tears often a sign of deep happiness or deep pain. The tears fall silently, releasing the overflow of pain. There is nothing to stop them, no one to wipe away the pain, we are alone and the pain goes on.

Best wishes,
Maahi PM


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