A Man

Beautiful in nature
Calm by personality
Strong by physique
A man of many talents
Modesty oozing from his every action
Simple in appearance this man
A man of few words, yet intelligent and wise
Kind and gentle with the generosity of a saint
A man to fall in love with
Selfless and compassionate

A tortured soul
Lonesome, tired and withdrawn
In need of freedom, air and space
A runner from lifes misfortunes
Helplessly trapped and frustrated
A man and his silent crys for help
A man denied of happiness
Fearful and lost, aching for answers
A silent walker through the darkness of life
A man confronting his emotional scars
Confused, dazed, broken, a man walking silently
A man stuck, unable to move forward for fear of losing all he has
A heart left behind, its destination well known
Reluctant to return
In search of a meaning, to honestly love beyond measure
An unsteady man, in search of himself
Upon discovery he will learn this mystery too
Self discovery an easy task
The challenge, repairing a splintered heart

Achieved, a painful process finally conquered
Commenced has this path of love and acceptance
Rejoicing, a man, his heart and soul
A man, liberated



Best Wishes,
Maahi PM


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