Every heart holds some form of pain.
Only the way it is expressed is different
Fools hide it in their eyes,
While the brilliant hide it in
Their smile…..

Sometimes I wish I could speak the words of my heart, all the anger, all the happiness, and all the pain. It’s such a liberating feeling to have, sometimes creating a unique reaction which is not achievable at any other moment in life. Sometimes all we need is an opportunity, to express, to offload and to feel whatever it is that we are holding onto so tightly without the fear of judgement or loss or advice. We need a listening ear, not a problem solver. Many circumstances don’t disappear at the blink of an eye; some linger for extended periods of time and having the confidence, resilience and perseverance to carry on as if all is normal take a great amount of courage; whether it is happiness or pain. The individual alone is fully aware of the current state of affairs, we can only image, listen and attempt to comprehend what they are experiencing. Sometimes all you want is for people to see your smile, the happiness, your current state of mind rather than any of the pain you may be hiding and vice versa. Sometimes you just want to cry; for all the helpless moments, for all the times when you were eternally grateful, for the times you were successful at something deemed otherwise. Sometimes we run, sometimes we hide and sometimes we are frightened but all in all we just need time and reassurance. Sometimes we question our motives. Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Sometimes we go quiet without understanding why, our minds blank as if a piece is missing. In life sometimes you feel lost, frustrated and sometimes it break all the hope and the thoughts you drew. Sometimes sorry is not enough and sometimes you live without regret.

Best Wishes,
Maahi PM


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