My Bucket List

I never imagined that I would make a bucket list of the things that I want to do over the span of my life. I was never sure what I would add or what I really wanted to do even. Most people make a bucket list of things they wish to do for themselves over their lifetime but mine contains many things I wish to do with and for others. It’s what makes me most happiest to know I’ve done things for others which makes a real difference for them now and in the future. Lets see, I do hope I have the opportunity to do these things. This is pretty long and some items on the list have been achieved already which I have highlighted.

  • Swim with dolphins – preferably in Florida.
  • Hold a snake
  • Skydive and raise money for a charity
  • Get a tattoo of Lord Shiva
  • Go on a Police ride along
  • Hold and feed a tiger cub – a childhood dream for me. I love and I mean absolutely love tiger cubs and this is one wish that I will complete at some point during my life.
  • Swim with turtles – I love turtles I think they are the most magnificent creatures in the water and swimming with them would be fabulous.
  • Milk a cow – my mum did this a great deal when she was younger and I remember her telling me how much fun it can be. This is one experience that I really do want to have under my belt.
  • Hold a tarantula – considering I’m absolutely petrified of spiders, this one will take real guts and courage!
  • Feed a koala bear
  • Bath an elephant
  • Stand under a waterfall
  • Kiss my husband in the rain
  • Climb to the top of a tree
  • Watch the sunrise & sunset in one day with my family
  • Learn to ride a horse
  • Horseback ride on the beach – ok I’ve done this one already back in 2004 when I went to India. It was a nice experience, so good that I want to do it again at a different location!
  • Ride in a horse & carriage with my husband
  • Roll in a huge pile of leaves – I’m still a child at heart!!
  • Sleep in a stable on a haystack
  • Receive a fan letter after completing a good deed
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
  • Meet someone famous – done this already. I met Gurdas Maan many years ago back stage after his concert. A nice person although the interaction between us was very short. I even had a photograph taken, I just can’t seem to find it!
  • Surprise someone less fortunate than myself with something they really need, want and deserve
  • Plan a date night with my husband
  • Leave my mark in graffiti
  • Climb an indoor rock wall
  • Write a thank you letter to a company that treated me well
  • Learn archery
  • Fly kites with children in Africa
  • Ride a Camel
  • Drive a tractor
  • Send flowers to someone who’s lonesome
  • Drive a race car
  • Test drive a convertible sports car
  • Go in a submarine
  • Visit a butterfly sanctuary
  • Meditate more often – I do this already but must do it regularly
  • Write a love letter to my husband
  • Donate toys to an orphanage in a third world country
  • Make a significant change in someone’s life
  • Explore a rain forest
  • Go to an aquarium
  • Donate clothing to countries and people most in need
  • Entertain the elderly at a nursing home
  • Tour a lighthouse
  • Go on a safari
  • Stay in an underwater hotel
  • Be a mentor to a less fortunate child
  • Write a love note on the bathroom mirror for my husband
  • Cover the bed in rose petals
  • Organise a family portrait
  • Give blood
  • Plant trees
  • Build a garden with lots of colourful flowers
  • Build a house for a less fortunate family in India and Africa
  • Be an organ donor – done this one! It took a lot of guts because I really wasn’t sure what it involved and what was required of me but I’m glad I’ve done it.
  • Be present at a birth
  • Donate grains of rice to a third world country
  • Serve food at a soup kitchen during the winter months
  • Send a care package to a soldier
  • Donate books to a school in India
  • Live with a poor family in India and Africa for a month
  • Spend the day helping at a children’s hospital
  • Help an endangered or injured animal
  • Do a charity walk and raise much-needed funds
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person
  • Work on a potter’s wheel
  • Write my autobiography
  • Get a degree – ok I have 2 already, working on the next…
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Learn the alphabet in sign language – I can say I’ve managed to achieve this but do need to practise more often
  • Teach a class of autistic adults
  • Master a new language and these include Spanish, Italian, Marathi,
  • Have a professional facial treatment
  • Get a professional body massage
  • Have a professional photo shoot
  • Take a mud bath
  • Create a passive income
  • Be a leader in my professional field
  • Be debt free
  • Sleep on satin sheets May 2013, done this and can say it was an interesting experience. May be it was not as enjoyable as I expected it to be but none the less I would do it again.
  • Eat alone at a fancy 5-star restaurant
  • Enter something in a food competition
  • Have drinks at an ice bar
  • Make ice cream
  • Create a traditional dish from a different culture
  • Go to the movies by myself
  • Attend a high school reunion
  • Have your picture published in a newspaper – done and dusted this one many times. It started when I was 10 years old and it still hasn’t stopped. It has all been for good causes and raising awareness about social issues related to disability.
  • Pose with a figure at a wax museum, quite possibly at Madam Tussaud’s but who I pose next to is yet to be decided.
  • Be on a TV show – done this when I was raising awareness about disability hate crime. I shared my story and experiences of disability hate crime.
  • Be on the cover of a magazine cover
  • Sit front row at a basketball game
  • Watch the space shuttle launch for which I’ll need to go to America of course
  • Attend a film premier
  • Have a night at the opera
  • Smoke a fine cigar
  • Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with an elderly person in a care home
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Build a sand castle with terminally ill children
  • Spontaneously walk into the airport and randomly buy a same-day ticket to wherever looks appealing
  • Leave any wealth or assets I have when I die to people who really deserve and need them
  • See the changing of the guards – I can’t believe that I haven’t seen or experienced this despite living in London all these years!! Must be done soon…..
  • Ride the London Eye – ok, embarrassed even more that everyone around me has ridden the London Eye except me. I’ll do it alone if I must!!!
  • Stand in a Red Phone Booth
  • Stroll Through Hyde Park – done this several times.
  • Learn to juggle
  • See the pyramids & the Sphynx (Egypt, not Vegas)
  • Walk the Great Wall
  • Tour India – my country, my heritage and my identity.
  • See the 7 wonders of the world
  • Visit Switzerland
  • Sleep in a castle with my husband
  • Take a Euro-trip just to visit castles & cathedrals
  • Ride in a Hot Air balloon with my husband – I’m a typical woman for this romantic trip!!
  • See the northern lights with my husband
  • Take a helicopter ride with my husband
So what’s on your bucket list? Have you made one yet?
Best Wishes,
Maahi PM

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