I Am

I am a liar, I am dishonest because I wont tell you everything?
I am stupid, I am ridiculous and naive because sometimes I am wrong?
I am ugly because my face isn’t perfect and I am simple?
I am a pushover I am too immature because I like making people happy?
I am a loser, I am a loner because I am not friend within your group?
I am fake, I am manipulative and materialistic because I am too nice, too kind?
I am weird, I am different, I am strange because I am not like you?
I am greedy because I eat when I’m hungry?
I am clingy, I am needy because I don’t like to be alone?
I am insecure, I am childlike because I care about what people think of me?
I am no fun because I’m not always hyper, I do not understand or tell jokes?
I am stubborn, I am arrogant because I have self-respect?
I am boring, I am dull because I read and study a lot?

Do not tell me who I am, because I am who I am and I already know who I am!

Best wishes,
Maahi PM


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