When words are not enough…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the words we use have a hollow meaning? We live our lives saying a vast number of things. Some we mean, some we don’t, some things are hurtful, some a lie and some are kind and some are loving. Words are heavy but actions are worth the weight of gold. Sometimes the words we use can break a heart, a promise, a ray of hope into a million pieces. The chances of recovery from them can often take a lifetime. Can we really trust the words which we use and the words of others too? Often our words are emotionally driven, and the nature of emotions is that they are volatile, ever-changing and binding too. We feel hurt or upset one minute and utter hostile words yet when we have calmed down we express apology and regret. So which of our words do we trust? The hostile ones or the apology? If we ourselves cannot be firm in our words how can we expect the same in return? Words are uttered into the wind and are difficult to catch. Words can be and are deceiving depending on how much meaning they contain within their letters. They lose meaning when actions reflect their opposite. Words have the power to make promises but only actions hold the key to keep them. So in this case is it not fair to say words have little meaning under the influence of actions? Do we need and depend on action alone? Yes I believe so. An action reflecting affection, love and commitment has heavier weight in comparison to words. Yet we must have and hold onto the faith of words as some actions are not possible in the immediate present. If we cannot be true to our own words, the reflection of our actions will demonstrate a skewed result. Sometimes thoughts in your head are going around in a circle and you can’t say anything because you think that you have no right. You reproduce a whole number of questions and answers or even the whole monologues with explanations in your mind, knowing they will never be words that passed your lips. But they are still spinning and spinning… until they burn out, leaving behind a scorched place leaving you feeling as if you lost a small part of your own soul… But in such times be patient, be strong and hold on to your faith. No it’s not easy but being true to your emotions, allowing yourself to feel and accept what you feel will guide you towards having words which are true. If you know your words to be true you will have no hesitation in proving them time and again, whether it be through action or even inaction. We are not responsible for other people’s misunderstandings but if we’re true to our word its our responsibility to prove ourselves particularly to our loved ones and those close to us. Our lives and their lives hang on our words more than our actions. We have no right to string them along if we ourselves are unsure. Be sure from the onset, do not become unsure half way through, this tortures the mind of others as well as ours. Many missed opportunities come about as a result of being unsure, yet when we utter the words of being sure we are not being true to anyone. What is to be gained from uttering words which are untrue? Immediate gratification possibly but in the long run we sink low, lower than we can ever pick ourselves up. Be careful with the words you say anyone. Do we realize what we say or how it will make others feel? In my experience I have had words uttered to me which can only an described as needles, not enough to kill me but have given me enough pain to cry and be wounded for life. They have created self-doubt and lowered my self-esteem. Although today these words do not create the same effect, there is still a hole, a nasty gap which was never filled with good honest words. The only person who can completely take the needles out is me and I have achieved this over 10 years. After the needles were gone I was left with the gap and bruises that only a few people see if at all. This is one side to the power of words. I can hardly speak of the other side but I know and believe it does exist. Words have and hold the power to heal. Motivational speakers. counsellors, other therapists all use the power of words to heal and they work but action is needed in some form or another. Sometimes, words aren’t enough to make someone feel that you care for them. It needs a little efforts to convince that you care. Actions are underrated and very often taken for granted. Yet actions reflect truth, always. Why would it matter whether you say I love you if what you do is what demonstrates it clearly? Whatever you do don’t hurt anyone through your actions, do not show tough love to a person in need of tender love. Do not drive someone to self-doubt and ultimately a death with the knowledge they are unloved. Actions become infinite and that’s when it all becomes worthwhile for us all.

Best wishes,
Maahi PM