When It…

When it rains it pours,
when it shines it burns,
when it blows it cools,
when it is sowed it reaps,
when its spoken it is broken,
when it is broken it can be fixed,
When it hurts it tortures,
When it soothes it releases,
When it screams it roars,
When it shatters its silent,
When it cries it whimpers,
When it beats it booms
When it dies it is gone forever.

Best wishes,
Maahi PM


To Be Alone

I am alone
I am not sad but I am alone
Sometimes it’s better to be alone
Nobody can hurt you

Day in day out I fight to survive
Day in day out I fail in someway
The pain chipping away at my soul
Breaking me down into a bottomless hole

The sun is bright and warm, a glimmer of hope
I have it all yet I am alone, suddenly void of all strength
Pressure squeezing away my joy, my sanity

I am alone
In a fast paced world, a world of ignorance, a world of selfishness
I am alone
Am I ungrateful? May be so….

Born a fighter, brave as can be
Softly spoken, emotionally rich
Selfless in nature, sacrifice my second name
I am alone

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No choice but to stand and fight
While tears continue to slide
A prayer passes my lips in this plight

Humans a source of frustration
Tired of all the secrets
Fear of loosing all my loved one
Nowhere to scream, I am alone

A deafening roar awaits to be released
Can you no longer feel my anguish?
Oh ignorant soul I am human too!
Yet I am alone in this darkening hole
A cloud of confusion disturbing my thoughts

My patience seals my lips while I search for a middle lane
I am tired, oh so tired
A wish to be liberated from this distress
My voice vacuumed into a whimper

I am my only saviour, I am my only rescue
Neither am I defenceless, neither am i armed
I am merely alone searching for a soul
A cry for help in this merciless world

Just a dream I have of some happiness, peace, and honesty
A demand too great for those around me
I am alone on this earth
Unable to choose

Your venomous conditional love poisons my existence
Craving away at my life
Deepening my scars
Leaving behind a living corpse

I am alone looking to rest my mind
I am alone in this squall of voices
I am alone in the heated vessel
I am alone on a leash

I am alone


I love you more than you know

I love you with all my heart and soul and I thought that you should know that I’m with you till the end
I hope you know that I mean it so
You mean the world to me, you light up my day, you touch my heart in your own sweet way.
You unlocked my heart and put a beat into my life when I thought that my life was over
I want to say that I love you and not a moment goes by where I don’t think of you
A boy as wonderful as you is very hard to find
You bring me comfort when you are by my side, the love that I have for you is endless and something which I cannot hide
I love when we hold hands because you have and hold the biggest place in my heart and everyday I pray that we never be apart
I love you so much and I want you to know there is no one else in this world I’d be happier with, I’m happiest when I am with you
You bring rays of sunshine into my life every moment I am with you
The love I have for you is pure and true and when I am with you, I am complete
Since I have been with you, you have lit the path of my life with hope and dreams, laughter and strength, love and security, warmth and encouragement
When I look into your beautiful eyes, I see the love you have for me and I want you to know,
A, I love you more than you know

Author: Bagande
Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)