To Be Alone

I am alone
I am not sad but I am alone
Sometimes it’s better to be alone
Nobody can hurt you

Day in day out I fight to survive
Day in day out I fail in someway
The pain chipping away at my soul
Breaking me down into a bottomless hole

The sun is bright and warm, a glimmer of hope
I have it all yet I am alone, suddenly void of all strength
Pressure squeezing away my joy, my sanity

I am alone
In a fast paced world, a world of ignorance, a world of selfishness
I am alone
Am I ungrateful? May be so….

Born a fighter, brave as can be
Softly spoken, emotionally rich
Selfless in nature, sacrifice my second name
I am alone

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No choice but to stand and fight
While tears continue to slide
A prayer passes my lips in this plight

Humans a source of frustration
Tired of all the secrets
Fear of loosing all my loved one
Nowhere to scream, I am alone

A deafening roar awaits to be released
Can you no longer feel my anguish?
Oh ignorant soul I am human too!
Yet I am alone in this darkening hole
A cloud of confusion disturbing my thoughts

My patience seals my lips while I search for a middle lane
I am tired, oh so tired
A wish to be liberated from this distress
My voice vacuumed into a whimper

I am my only saviour, I am my only rescue
Neither am I defenceless, neither am i armed
I am merely alone searching for a soul
A cry for help in this merciless world

Just a dream I have of some happiness, peace, and honesty
A demand too great for those around me
I am alone on this earth
Unable to choose

Your venomous conditional love poisons my existence
Craving away at my life
Deepening my scars
Leaving behind a living corpse

I am alone looking to rest my mind
I am alone in this squall of voices
I am alone in the heated vessel
I am alone on a leash

I am alone



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