I wanted

I wanted

I wanted so much yet I got so little
Oh how strange this life is, what you expect is not what you get and what you don’t expect you seen to acquire
I wanted him to know my family instead I got secrecy
I wanted him to ask for my hand in marriage from my father instead I got silence
I wanted to have my family at the wedding instead I got strangers
I wanted to be given away instead I walked away
I wanted heena on my hands instead I got dryness
I wanted a wedding gown instated I got a single saree
I wanted a family wedding instead I got a run away marriage
I wanted respect instead I got insults, disrespect and abuse
I wanted a honeymoon instead I got a job
I wanted openness and honesty instead I got ambiguity and boundless man
I wanted a new start a new life a new opportunity instead I got secrecy and segregation
I wanted love instead I got resentment
I wanted a home instead I got a prison
I wanted so much yet I got nothing


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