A Prayer

Har Har Mahadev!

Hai Bholenath,

Thank you for your mercy and continued showering of blessing upon me everyday.

Thank you for granting me the strength to endure this terrible discomfort at this stage in my life.

Hai Mahadev, stay with me in whatever manner you can for I am in need of your presence and your guidance.

Hai Shiv Shumbhu grant me the ability to stabilise my mind, my thoughts, my tears and my pain.

Oh Digambar, in this time of distress, disillusionment and disappointment grant me the ability to follow a righteous path.

Hai Kailashnath, I pray for your blessings and guidance in this moment of loneliness. I pray to you for relief from the many discomforts and worries that prevent me from normal sleep.

Help me to call on you when in pain instead of moaning in self pity. I put myself entirely in your precious hands.

Please hear my prayer and grant my needs according to your will.

Om Namah Shivaya!



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