Surely God……

Surely God is good to those who are pure in heart.
But as for me, my feet had almost slipped;
I had nearly lost my foothold.
For I envied the arrogant
when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.
They have no struggles;
their bodies are healthy and strong.
They are free from common human burdens;
they are not plagued by human ills.
Therefore pride is their necklace;
they clothe themselves with violence.
From their callous hearts comes iniquity;
their evil imaginations have no limits.
They scoff, and speak with malice;
with arrogance they threaten oppression.
Their mouths lay claim to heaven,
and their tongues take possession of the earth.
Therefore their people turn to them
and drink up waters in abundance.
They say, “How would God know?
Does the Most High know anything?”
This is what the wicked are like—
always free of care, they go on amassing wealth.
Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure
and have washed my hands in innocence.

A beautiful quote which describes so well many of people I have encountered. Although this is from the Bible, I feel it can be applied to a wide range of situations. The words are so powerful yet so true. It elicits a sense of pride for people who really and truly do follow the path of truth, honesty. Followers of the truth and that which is fair often stand alone, crying a tear or two in darkness to overcome the pain, set backs and struggles of fighting. Such people are often simple in their thoughts, ideas and live a fairly simple life. I have seen such people suffer at the hands of evil. Their tears silent, their anguish private but struggle visible, and unmoved. This evil need not be limited to death and destruction in masses, but in the smallness of words, the smallness of actions and inactions. Ignorance, rudeness, violence, oppression, control and much more are all stems of evil. But it is this simplicity of people who are honest which sets them apart from all the rest; their faith and resilience contributes to their long lasting success. Let us not hurt those who are innocent and let us not underestimate the power an innocent person has against evil.

Best Wishes
Maahi PM


Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me.

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

This is interesting to say the least, it certainly forces one to look deep inside themselves and ask what kind of a person are they and how this will be interpreted once they are no more. This is why during heightened emotional states I have remained quiet and re-framed from taking emotionally charged actions. This is not to say I haven’t flown off the handle from time to time.

As far as my legacy goes I want to be remembered as a patient person, someone has the ability to stay calm externally despite what is going on inside me. As an understanding person I want to leave behind the notion that understanding another person can make the difference between make and break for all involved. I am an emotional person and have experienced a variety of feelings throughout my life. Many of these have gone undetected and have remained unspoken. It is these which I want to leave behind for people to know, understand and feel. The foundation of who I really am is within these feelings and they paint a picture of who I am from day to day.

One motto I have lived by is never give up. I haven’t and often that has gone against me because I have suffered emotional turmoil. The trick is to know when to walk away for the sake of your needs, feelings and above all your self respect. It’s not being selfish it’s keeping ahold of your values, your morals and your sanity. You can be right yet still feel pain and hurt, in fact in my case it’s been more this than joy. But this is no excuse to submit to disrespect or unacceptable behaviour. Here it has been my own self confidence that has allowed me to continue in the midst of adversity. It’s important for people to know who they are, their self worth and their ability to reach their potential. People are important to me. We live with people and work and socialise with people, if we cannot understand, respect or value them then we are more likely than not to end up lonely. Don’t forget boundaries though. This is a must, it will make you happier and a more emotionally stable individual.

So far I have achieved a lot more than I ever expected to achieve. But the way in which I have gained this success is not such a pretty picture. There were tears, heartache and failures too. Yet my perseverance prevailed. It’s taught me to value my achievements and resources a lot more, as not everyone is as lucky. I have used my education and achievements to better the lives of people around me. And I am humble about this. This I want to have a lasting effect as it’s so vital to being successful.

In brief I am a nice person, a strong person with lots to give. I’m also a private person emotionally but it’s also what shapes me. Get to know me by asking and observing me.

I like everyone have vices too. I cannot easily forget when I have been hurt. I will forgive easily but this can often lead to others taking advantage of me and taking me for granted. People have taken my kindness as my weakness and to an extent I have allowed. There were occasions when I could have walked away but haven’t despite it being my fault for allowing this behaviour. It’s been a tug of war between not giving up on a person and maintaining my self respect.

There’s a lot I want to leave behind, some things are possible some may need some work.

Best wishes
Maahi PM

Happy Valentines Day!!

To My Best Friend, 

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

I say screw valentines

The love of my life is you !!


Love Can Travel For Miles
Just Like Time During Night & Day
But As Love Drifts Miles Apart
It Leaves Footprints In The Heart
As I Express These Feelings For You
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too
Because My Life Is Empty Without You…

Dear daughter, about your future husband

This is absolutely brilliant!! A truly timely piece for valentines. Girls please read and understand how worthy you really are.

love story from the male perspective

A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband) by Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Dear Cutie-Pie,

Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google. Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular searches in the father-daughterworld. Perched at the top of the list was “How to keep him interested.”

It startled me. I scanned several of the countless articles about how to be sexy and sexual, when to bring him a beer versus a sandwich, and the ways to make him feel smart and superior.

And I got angry.

Little One,

1. It’s not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep him interested.”

2. Your only task is to know deeply in your soul—in that unshakeable place that isn’t rattled by rejection and loss and ego—that you are worthy of interest. (If you can remember that…

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The pain does not stop
It remains as alive as the air in the lungs

A strong pounding, a slicing cut to the core
It does not cease with no horizon in sight
As the darkness deepens, so does this anguish
The words of criticism, disgust and contempt come at the speed of light 
Each word destroying all traces of hope and aspiration
No one listens, no one hears, no one sees and no one cares
It’s all coming to an end and a smile emerges
Soon there will be freedom
No worries to engulf the mind and no  people to call our own
Tears mock the sadness within and loneliness dances in joy
Time at a standstill, life lapses slowly
A soulless creature, a cheap being no longer needed
Dragged through the corridors of hell 
There is no scream there is no sorrow, but a numbness which fills a void
A nothing will soon arise 
Soon there will be silence
Soon there will be an ending