During my lifetime I have witnessed a great number of people cry.
Women, men, the elderly, children and the young.
Witnessing their sorrow, their anguish first hand 
Their eyes reddened, swollen with puffy red faces. 
Mostly women, sunk in their never-ending sorrow and pain
A woman with a subsiding storm glaringly visible in her reddened eyes.
Her features; an appearance in shambles.
I sit. I observe. The aftermath of her tears. 
Frail, severed, wounded and tender.
I have watched her cry. 
I have observed her erupt in sobs from the pit of her soul. 
This woman, her face disfigured in misery and remorse.
Her hot tears rush down her face; her mouth quietly shrieking in utter misery.
There is no doubt that she is beautiful
She is the only woman I know who looks painfully beautiful even in anguish. 
She longs to be admired, to be adored, to be worshipped.
Best Wishes,
Maahi PM