Heaven on Earth

My recent holiday proved to be the most exhilarating and breathe taking experience of my life so far.

We visited North Wales, UK and mostly the north and north-west coastal areas. The area is a lush green with views of the Snowdonia National Park, hills, cliffs, The Irish Sea and beautiful sandy beaches. It’s a quiet part of the UK but there is lots to see and do in this remote wonder of the world. We stayed at a self catering town house in Caernarfon just within walking distance of Caernarfon Castle. The street surrounding the town house resembled those found in the medieval era; they were small and narrow but full of Welsh culture and heritage. Here I share with you my photographs.

Llandudno - The Great Orme
Llandudno – The Great Orme


The Great Orme Cafe
The Great Orme Cafe








Sunset over The Great Orme - Llandudno
Sunset over The Great Orme – Llandudno


Pwelli Beach
Pwelli Beach


Snowdonia Mountain Treck
Snowdonia Mountain Trek


Best Wishes
Maahi PM


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