We Only…

We only seek out shelter 
When it rains,
We only want a hand to hold
When we are in pain,
We only pray to God
When we really want something,
We only think about the warmth of the sun
When it’s cold,
We only look up at the sky
When we feel low,
We only compromise
When it suits us,
We only understand
When we experience it,
We only talk to our shadows
When we are alone,
We only learn to live
When we are old,
We only miss our loved ones
When they are gone,
We only love those
Who match us, 
We only appreciate success
When we have failed,
We only apologise
When it’s too late,
We only understand the lyrics of a song
When we feel the same,
We only know the meaning of freedom
When we cannot escape.

Best Wishes,

Maahi PM