My Love for Books

I absolutely love reading and have done so from a very young age. It was my mother who introduced me to books at the tender age of four when I started play-school. Each week we would visit the library and sit and read different alphabet and word books and other times she would read us short stories. As we grew older, my mother would encourage us to choose our own books which we would read during the week before she asked us to provide her with a short ‘review’ of the book. It was these early years spent in the library with my mother that has laid the foundation for my love of books today.

One of the main reasons I love reading so much is because I find it to be so relaxing and I find that I am almost magically transported to an entirely unique world which keeps me engaged for hours at a time. It is at this deep level when I am completely engrossed in a book that arrays of feelings are evoked which the author is attempting to demonstrate. This I find truly enlightening.

Another reason I enjoy reading tremendously is because of the joy it brings me each time. If it’s a novel I’m reading, I get totally immersed in all the characters, in the plot and all the emotions. If it’s newspapers, magazines, journal articles, or the internet, I like that it challenges my mind and allows me to understand concepts beyond my current level of thinking in turn allowing me to grow intellectually beyond my age. Finally, I find that reading temporarily takes me away from any hardships I may be preoccupied by and allows me to rationally and amicably reflect upon them without the stress and pain.

Although my list of favourite authors is not an exclusive one, it does instead consist of authors whose novels I have consistently made an effort to read. To me, the novels by these authors I have thoroughly enjoyed and the core essence and message of their novels has remained with me long after I have read them. Some of my favourite authors are:

James Patterson, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Dan Brown, Jeffery Deaver, Danielle Steel, Vikram Seth, Margaret Atwood, Martina Cole, Jane Austen, Paulo Coelho.

Under this section I will be posting my reviews of novels as I read them and I invite and welcome insight and comments. So tell me, do you enjoy reading books? What kind of books do you like to read and who’s your favourite author/authors? Please, share your thoughts.


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