Daily Prompt: Finite

Via Daily Prompt: Finite

When this daily prompt was first put out as a recommendation, I was thinking of how I could master the essence of the word. So here’s my try, see what you think.

Finite: limited in size or extent.

World: Finite
Universe: Infinite

Body: Finite
Mind: Infinite

Words: Finite
Feelings: Infinite

Human: Finite
God: Infinite

Body: Finite
Soul: Infinite

Present: Finite
Future: Infinite

Life: Finite
Expectations: Infinite

Comfort: Finite
Discomfort: Infinite


Best Wishes,

Maahi PM


Daily Prompt: Infinite

Via Daily Prompt: Infinite

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.
We must remember that beyond the horizon of the so called impossible is infinite possibility.

Best Wishes,

Maahi PM

Daily Prompt: Gone

Via Daily Prompt: Gone

A few short stories in relation to today’s daily prompt. Somewhere hidden within the text is a sense of something being gone or lost. I find that the word gone itself is very empty with little to offer in terms of emotion.

The Wi-Fi was fine and good 
It was I who had no connections left

“You really mean the world to be my darling!”
This was the birthday text that was sent.
Blue ticks. It’s been read. No reply.
The heart sank. I understood, someone else has taken the place. 

Somewhere between yesterday’s shadow and 
Somewhere between tomorrow’s insecurities 
We end up ruining today’s happiness.

Sooner or later, 
We all come to realise that being a 
Child was the best thing ever.

“Can you live without him?” her friend asked.
“No, but I would rather let him fly than break his wings.”

They both cried endlessly.
One had to forget and move on, 
The other regretted letting go. 

Somewhere between parents expectations and society’s interference, dreams died. 

Take me back in time when people and emotions were real.
Take me to my childhood….

Somewhere between “I want to grow up” and 
“I want to be a child again”, Life happened.


Best Wishes,

Maahi PM

Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me.

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

This is interesting to say the least, it certainly forces one to look deep inside themselves and ask what kind of a person are they and how this will be interpreted once they are no more. This is why during heightened emotional states I have remained quiet and re-framed from taking emotionally charged actions. This is not to say I haven’t flown off the handle from time to time.

As far as my legacy goes I want to be remembered as a patient person, someone has the ability to stay calm externally despite what is going on inside me. As an understanding person I want to leave behind the notion that understanding another person can make the difference between make and break for all involved. I am an emotional person and have experienced a variety of feelings throughout my life. Many of these have gone undetected and have remained unspoken. It is these which I want to leave behind for people to know, understand and feel. The foundation of who I really am is within these feelings and they paint a picture of who I am from day to day.

One motto I have lived by is never give up. I haven’t and often that has gone against me because I have suffered emotional turmoil. The trick is to know when to walk away for the sake of your needs, feelings and above all your self respect. It’s not being selfish it’s keeping ahold of your values, your morals and your sanity. You can be right yet still feel pain and hurt, in fact in my case it’s been more this than joy. But this is no excuse to submit to disrespect or unacceptable behaviour. Here it has been my own self confidence that has allowed me to continue in the midst of adversity. It’s important for people to know who they are, their self worth and their ability to reach their potential. People are important to me. We live with people and work and socialise with people, if we cannot understand, respect or value them then we are more likely than not to end up lonely. Don’t forget boundaries though. This is a must, it will make you happier and a more emotionally stable individual.

So far I have achieved a lot more than I ever expected to achieve. But the way in which I have gained this success is not such a pretty picture. There were tears, heartache and failures too. Yet my perseverance prevailed. It’s taught me to value my achievements and resources a lot more, as not everyone is as lucky. I have used my education and achievements to better the lives of people around me. And I am humble about this. This I want to have a lasting effect as it’s so vital to being successful.

In brief I am a nice person, a strong person with lots to give. I’m also a private person emotionally but it’s also what shapes me. Get to know me by asking and observing me.

I like everyone have vices too. I cannot easily forget when I have been hurt. I will forgive easily but this can often lead to others taking advantage of me and taking me for granted. People have taken my kindness as my weakness and to an extent I have allowed. There were occasions when I could have walked away but haven’t despite it being my fault for allowing this behaviour. It’s been a tug of war between not giving up on a person and maintaining my self respect.

There’s a lot I want to leave behind, some things are possible some may need some work.

Best wishes
Maahi PM

Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

Beautiful question.

Well, I blog because I really enjoy writing. I don’t by no measure call or consider myself a writer of any sort but yes I do enjoy the art of writing. It brings me a freedom to express and sometimes feel things which isn’t present in my daily life. A freedom to express and feel everything that I write about whether it be hope or hurt. It’s unfortunate that in my own personal life I haven’t been heard by those near and dear to me so I found an alternative medium to feel, reflect and express that which is almost forbidden.

Another reason I blog is to share my thoughts, poetry, feelings and experiences. I have learnt a great amount from people around me as well as gained knowledge from my own networking. There are so many writers in the world, some with great skill to create pearls in the forms of sentences and paragraphs. My attempt at writing is to merely add weight to my feelings and experiences. Its a hobbie and I enjoy it immensely.

Can there be any other reason to write?

Best wishes,
Maahi PM