You’re not in love with her 

If yelling at her in an argument doesn’t make your throat burn like you just downed six shots, you’re not in love with her.

If her eyes can’t make you stop in your tracks and think about what you are about to say next, you’re not in love with her.

If her laugh doesn’t make you tense up your knuckles thinking about never hearing it again, you’re not in love with her.

If it only hurts her when she cries, you’re not in love with her.

If her voice cant calm your worst anxiety attacks and make you want to listen to anything she has to say, you’re not in love with her.

If her smile doesn’t make your chest quake and your lungs shrink but feel refreshed all in one motion, you’re not in love with her. 

If her taking her clothes off is when you pay the most attention to her, you’re not in love with her at all. 

Best wishes,

Maahi PM


Daily Prompt: Infinite

Via Daily Prompt: Infinite

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.
We must remember that beyond the horizon of the so called impossible is infinite possibility.

Best Wishes,

Maahi PM

A Day…..

A day without her – Fun

A week without her – Tiring

A month without her – Sad

A year without her – Lonely

A life without her – Curse


Best Wishes,

Maahi PM


Daily Prompt: Gone

Via Daily Prompt: Gone

A few short stories in relation to today’s daily prompt. Somewhere hidden within the text is a sense of something being gone or lost. I find that the word gone itself is very empty with little to offer in terms of emotion.

The Wi-Fi was fine and good 
It was I who had no connections left

“You really mean the world to be my darling!”
This was the birthday text that was sent.
Blue ticks. It’s been read. No reply.
The heart sank. I understood, someone else has taken the place. 

Somewhere between yesterday’s shadow and 
Somewhere between tomorrow’s insecurities 
We end up ruining today’s happiness.

Sooner or later, 
We all come to realise that being a 
Child was the best thing ever.

“Can you live without him?” her friend asked.
“No, but I would rather let him fly than break his wings.”

They both cried endlessly.
One had to forget and move on, 
The other regretted letting go. 

Somewhere between parents expectations and society’s interference, dreams died. 

Take me back in time when people and emotions were real.
Take me to my childhood….

Somewhere between “I want to grow up” and 
“I want to be a child again”, Life happened.


Best Wishes,

Maahi PM

Happy Valentines Day!!

To My Best Friend, 

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

I say screw valentines

The love of my life is you !!


Love Can Travel For Miles
Just Like Time During Night & Day
But As Love Drifts Miles Apart
It Leaves Footprints In The Heart
As I Express These Feelings For You
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too
Because My Life Is Empty Without You…


The pain does not stop
It remains as alive as the air in the lungs

A strong pounding, a slicing cut to the core
It does not cease with no horizon in sight
As the darkness deepens, so does this anguish
The words of criticism, disgust and contempt come at the speed of light 
Each word destroying all traces of hope and aspiration
No one listens, no one hears, no one sees and no one cares
It’s all coming to an end and a smile emerges
Soon there will be freedom
No worries to engulf the mind and no  people to call our own
Tears mock the sadness within and loneliness dances in joy
Time at a standstill, life lapses slowly
A soulless creature, a cheap being no longer needed
Dragged through the corridors of hell 
There is no scream there is no sorrow, but a numbness which fills a void
A nothing will soon arise 
Soon there will be silence
Soon there will be an ending

I Am

I am a liar, I am dishonest because I wont tell you everything?
I am stupid, I am ridiculous and naive because sometimes I am wrong?
I am ugly because my face isn’t perfect and I am simple?
I am a pushover I am too immature because I like making people happy?
I am a loser, I am a loner because I am not friend within your group?
I am fake, I am manipulative and materialistic because I am too nice, too kind?
I am weird, I am different, I am strange because I am not like you?
I am greedy because I eat when I’m hungry?
I am clingy, I am needy because I don’t like to be alone?
I am insecure, I am childlike because I care about what people think of me?
I am no fun because I’m not always hyper, I do not understand or tell jokes?
I am stubborn, I am arrogant because I have self-respect?
I am boring, I am dull because I read and study a lot?

Do not tell me who I am, because I am who I am and I already know who I am!

Best wishes,
Maahi PM

In another world

In another world I would be accepted
differences eradicated
flaws dissolved
equal status

In another world there would be no pain
tears disappear
torment ended
suffering aborted

In another world, running will come as second nature
wind blowing through my hair
heart beating hard
moving faster and faster

In another world I will be loved
affection, comfort, trust,
understanding, honesty, peace
adventure, fun and security

In another world I will have freedom
freedom of expression
freedom to live by choice
freedom from hatred

In another world I tears would never come
In another world I would not want to hide
In another world happiness would be the norm
In another world…….


I want to disappear
I want to vanish
To be away from all this anguish
To to free of this pain

My mind consumed by confusion
My heart filled with hurt
Eyes searching
Faith breaking

I want to be invisible
I want to be gone
Protect myself from this hollow world
Guard my dreams from scattering

The smile on my face eradicated
My soul trapped in despair
Tortured desires
Mistreated human

I want to fade away
I want to evaporate
To stop this crippling hurt
To survive

I want to escape
I want to vanish